MUSC 425
MUSC 425
Latin American Music & Society

Add/Drop Period 6/2-6/8

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-An in-depth survey of the music and culture of Latin America as seen through the lens of history. The materials will be organized in the following historical periods: the Pre-Columbian Era, the Colonial Era, the Republican Era, and modern trends in Latin American music. Folkloric, concert and popular music will be examined in relation to class strata in Latin America. Special emphasis will be placed on the music of Mexico, Brazil, the Andean region and Cuba.

-May not be taken for credit by students who have received credit for MUSC 425S.

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Course No: 30058
Units: 3.0
Begin Date: June 2, 2012
End Date: July 7, 2012
Begin Time: Online
End Time: Online
Meeting Days: Online
Location: Online
Instructor: Mtafiti Imara
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