KINE 305 (11A) (33095) - SUMMER 2016

The Add/Drop Period is from 6/6 - 6/12.  You must obtain a permission number from the instructor to register for this course. 

KINE 305

Movement Anatomy 

Designed to help students gain an in depth understanding of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. Muscle origins, insertions, and actions will be covered to help students develop foundational understanding of muscle function and joint movement. Muscle groups and their functional relationships will be presented with application to simple mechanical principles for the purposes of analyzing joint and full-body motion as it pertains to human movement in sports, exercise, and activi­ties of daily living. Special emphasis will be placed on posture, gait, and movement screening, with the goal being to help students identify incorrect posture and movement patterns and the possible reasons for each.

*This course has an additional $25.00 fee.*

 Prerequisites: BIOL 177, 178 and KINE 202, 204. Enrollment restricted to Kinesiology majors.  

Note: Matriculated students MUST register using their MyCsusm portal.

Non-matriculated students: This class has 1 or more pre requisites. In order to add this class you will need to bring documentation ( ex: unofficial/official transcript) showing you have completed the course pre-requisites or the equivalent to Extended Learning for review.


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Course No: 33095
Units: 4.0
Begin Date: June 6, 2016
End Date: July 9, 2016
Begin Time: Lec 1:00pm Lab: 3:30pm
End Time: Lec 3:15pm Lab: 6:00pm
Meeting Days: M/T/W/TH
Location: Lec: UNIV 257 Lab: UNIV 257
Instructor: Hyun Gu Kang
**Please see course description above for how to register and pay for this course.