Entry Level Mathematics

Add/Drop Period 6/2-6/8

To register for this class students MUST get a permission number from the professor.

*Please contact Extended Learning for course availability. There are 5 seats or fewer available for this course.

Review of the rectangular coordinate system, lines, linear equation systems, and polynomial expressions and arithmetic.  Algebraic subjects include: simplification of algebraic expressions, solution of quadratic and rational equations, properties of exponents, and arithmetic operations involving rational exponents.  Geometric subjects include: determination of angles, basic geometric figures and their uses, properties of triangles, circles, and polygons, applications of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Note: Math 30 does not count toward any graduation requirement to be completed at CSUSM, but it is counted towards financial aid and VA benefits.

-Enrollment Requirement: Highest ELM score from 40 to 48, or a highest ELM score below 40 and completion of a college beginning algebra class, for example MATH 20, with a minimum grade of C (2.0). 

-Students that have satisfied the ELM requirement may not enroll. 

-Students who complete MATH 30 with a grade of C or higher will satisfy the ELM requirement.

Note: Matriculated students MUST register using their MyCsusm portal.

**Non-matriculated students: This class has 1 or more pre requisites. In order to add this class you will need to bring documentation ( ex: unofficial/official transcript) showing you have completed the course pre-requisites or the equivalent to Extended Learning for review. If it is determined you meet the requirements to enroll in this class you will be given a pre-requisite waiver form and permission number.

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Course No: 30131
Units: 3.0
Begin Date: June 2, 2012
End Date: August 11, 2012
Begin Time: 9:00am
End Time: 11:15am
Meeting Days: T/TH
Location: San Marcos
Instructor: Kenny Courser
**Please see course description above for how to register and pay for this course.