San Diego Summer Leadership Institute:

Totally Terrific Technology Tools for Learning


This credit is for participants who wish to obtain optional credit for attending the
2014 San Diego Summer Leadership Institute: Totally Terrific Technology Tools for Learning

There is an additional assignment for this course. Please email your assignment to Dr. Jacqueline Thousand at by August 12, 2014.

In order to receive university credit for attendance to this institute, you must submit the following reflection.  Anyone signed up for credit who does not submit the reflection/action plan as instructed by the deadline will not receive credit.

Reflection/Action Plan Directions:

Prepare a brief reaction to the keynote/kickoff session, each session you attend and an action plan based upon attendance at the institute.  The assignment should total 3-4 pages.  Attendance at 6 sessions is mandatory to receive credit.  Be sure you reference each session attended, as this is an “authentic” attendance check.  More importantly, the action plan and reflection is an opportunity for you to connect your experience of the institute with your personal or professional experiences and future goals or actions.  Make the experience count for you. The action plan should be based upon at least one of the sessions and tell how the ideas presented will be implemented in a classroom or school setting.  The action plan will include 1. The outcome 2. Steps to achieve the outcome 3. Due dates   4.  Person/s responsible and 5. Resources needed.

General Writing Criteria:

Written work will be judged according to at least the following criteria:

a) use of respectful, professional, “person first” (i.e., Gayle, who has Cerebral Palsy versus “the CP kid”) language;

b) correctness of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical usage of language;

c) organization, comprehensiveness, and professional appearance of the product;

d) evidence of higher order thinking (e.g., analysis, synthesis, application, evaluation); and

e) connection with future or present work or life experiences or future goals.

For questions regarding this assignment, please contact Gayle Patterson at

Please note: There are no refunds for contract credit.

If you have any questions please contact Extended Learning Student Services at 760-750-4020.

Course No: 37846
Units: 1.0
Begin Date: 8/4/14
End Date: 8/5/14
Begin Time: N/A
End Time: N/A
Meeting Days: N/A
Location: North County Regional Education Center
Instructor: Jacque Thousand
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